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How to Keep Christmas Simple

It takes a bit of thought, and prayer can help.

December 2021

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The Waiting Game
Is Jesus really planning to return to earth someday?
What Is the Bible?
And what is its purpose?
The Bible’s Prophecies About Jesus
They are proof positive of its reliability.
Living With Children: Dysfunctional Child Raising


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Jesus and Christmas
Keep in mind the real “reason for the season.”
Who Were the Wise Men?
Tradition tells us more than the Bible does, but is it true?
“I Want to Find My Father”
You don’t have to be afraid of God.
New Prophets—Who Wants Them?
The Bible counsels us to test those who make this claim.
Who’s at Your Door?

Together at Last!
We have been waiting for a very long time.
How to Know the Bible Is True
You don’t have to just wonder.
Why Worry?
Let the future take care of itself!
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Fortified Foods: Are They Good for You?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions