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Beyond the Ornaments

In spite of all the decorations, December 25 is still about the birth of the world’s Redeemer.

December 2020

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You Don’t Need to Be a Clone
A vision of true unity
When All Is Not What It Seems
The truth about death
Paradigm Shift
The truth about your Father
Living With Children: Socially Disruptive Kids


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Come Just as You Are
God doesn’t expect you to be sinless.
What Does Jesus Do All Day?
He isn’t sitting around doing nothing!
God With Us
What is the meaning of Jesus’ 33 years spent among us?
Hope at Christmastime
Surviving the grief
What Difference Does a Day Make?
Should it be Sunday or Saturday or whatever day you choose?
A Miracle for the Surgeon

The Real Evangelist
She wasn’t much of a preacher.
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Can You Get Enough Vitamin D in Winter?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions