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Life’s Most Important Decision

Be certain you get this one right.

November 2022

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Ordinary Men
What would you have done?
The Dangers of Yoga
Should Christians participate?
Accessing the Power of Joy
Find joy in seeking to benefit others.
Health Matters: The Best Diet for a Better Night’s Sleep


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The Pharisee and the Publican
Self-confidence or humble repentance?
The Divine Bargain
A look at the mystery of the Trinity
The Problem With Hell
Is there really an eternal hell?
Pain Strengthens Love
Your pain and frustrations are not in vain.
Saved in the Surf
Self-rescue was not an option.
The Insignificant Farmhand
Outward appearances may be deceiving.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: A Healthy Work Ethic

Answers to Your Bible Questions