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Why Exercise Is Important

It takes effort, but it’s worth it!

November 2021

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Who’s Afraid of the Judgment?
Some people are, but they don’t have to be.
The Trinity Doctrine: Is It Biblical?
Most Christians say yes, but some say no.
Why the Bible Is Important!
It’s God’s Word to us.
Health Matters: The Lowdown on Salt


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6 Essentials for Persevering
Never give up!
How to Spot a Christian
They live to serve.
Sabina’s Love
She even loved her worst enemy!
Angry With God
It happens to most of us now and then.
A Meal From the King’s Table

3 Reasons Not to Have a Devotional Life
And why we really need to
God’s Contracts
Humans don’t always live by their contracts, but God does.
A Story of Forgiveness
She had it in her power to take revenge.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Living in the Real World

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions