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Let Food Be Your Medicine

You can save money and keep healthier by paying attention to your diet.

November 2020

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God’s New World
It will be vastly superior to our damaged world.
Our Own Noah’s Ark
It isn’t a boat. It’s a place.
Praying for a Miracle
Can we always expect one?
Health Matters: How Does Stress Impact Your Immune System?


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It’s About Guilt
Suicide is not the answer.
A Baby, a Spoon, and a Lesson in Letting Go

The Deception
How to avoid being fooled by Satan
Does God Destroy?
Are disasters a sign that God is punishing us?
Hug Your Doubts
There are appropriate forms of doubt.
Preparing for Jesus' Return
It isn’t complicated.
When Heaven’s Records Are Opened
A story of forgiveness
Religion in the News

Living With Children: How to Deal With the Monster

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions