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From Anger to Forgiveness

Anger is a normal emotion that’s easily misused—which only hurts us.

October 2021

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How God Inspired the Bible
Exploring several answers to this question
How the Holy Spirit Can Help You
He can make a fantastic difference in your life!
5 Good Things to Say About Death
There really are some good things about death!
Living With Children: The Most Important Person in the Family


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When God Spoke to Me
What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice?
The Infinite Hitler
If you don’t make it to heaven, will you burn forever in hell?
What if Christ Doesn’t Return?
Are Christians going to be disappointed?
A Special Day for Self-Care

Enjoying God’s Promises
Five that you can count on!
Angel in a Red Dodge Pickup
His angel was there just when he needed him.
How Forgiveness Changed a Life
There’s more than one way to resolve a crime.
Religion in the News

Health Matters: How to Eat Healthy for Your Age

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions