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God With Us!

Whatever your circumstances at Christmastime, God is with you.

December 2019

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Give God the Broom
Housecleaning is about more than sweeping the floor.
Dandelions and the Judgment
There really is a relationship between the two.
God Does Not Fail

Living With Children: The Key to Successful Child Discipline


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How the World Could End—and How It Will
Even scientists are concerned that it could happen someday.
Getting What You Don’t Deserve
Some things in life are a gift.
Expectations . . .
The hope of Jesus’ return changes how I live today.
The Suicide Plant
The consequences of disobedience
The War to End All Wars
No war will end all wars until the war of the universe is resolved.
The Christmas Carol That Stopped a War
A century later it still inspires us.
What Does God Do With Our Sins?
He promised to blot them out. What does that mean?
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Could Exercising After Breakfast Burn More Carbs?

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