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The Real Reason for the Season

They say that Jesus is the reason for the season—but is there also another reason?

December 2016

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Heaven’s Great Courtroom
God’s courtroom is different from the ones we’re accustomed to.
“In Remembrance of Me”
A most memorable communion
When Daddy Goes Fishing and Mommy Goes to Church
Living Christianity in a divided home can be difficult.
Living With Children
Preventing childhood rebellion

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Have It Your Way
You can customize the products you buy.
Feed Your Brain!
Your food choices impact how well your brain functions!
Alien Apocalypse
Will our planet experience an alien invasion someday, and if so, when and by whom?
God Looks on the Heart
An encounter with a stranger leads to an uncomfortable self-evaluation.
Born to Be a King
Looking at Him, you would never have guessed who He really was.
From Bondage to Freedom
Help for those caught in human trafficking
Our Child
Born to Mary, but Son of all the earth
What Goes Around Comes Around
A kindness rendered often results in a kindness received.
Following Jesus’ Instruction

Religion in the News

Food Matters
Staying Healthy Over the Festive Season
Your Bible Questions