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The Scandal of Christmas

We all enjoy the Christmas season, but James Berglund points out that not everyone was pleased at the time the story unfolded.

December 2015

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Mastering Your Marriage
A psychologist has discovered some foolproof techniques for a successful marriage. Trafford Fischer shares three of them.
Does God Torture Sinners?
Could a loving God really torture His children? Murl Vance presents a compelling revelation of God's nature.
Can You Change God's Mind?
Curtis Rittenour responds to a significant question about prayer: Does it alter the way God responds to us?
Food Matters: Wild About Walnuts


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The Magi, Who Were They?
Two thousand years ago, some wise men journeyed to Jerusalem because they knew a Savior would be born. But who were they? Mark Trodd offers some suggestions.
In Search of a Loving Father
Sandra Doran tells the touching story of a child who had an abusive father as a child and how he came to know God as a loving Father when he grew up.
Jesus' Birth Reverses Your Death
Christmas is the time when the world celebrates Jesus' birth. Shawn Boonstra tells us how that's related to His death—and why.
A Baby Shower for Jesus
Christians believe Jesus was born on earth to die for humans. Loren Seibold tells us what they really means.
Hitting Rock Bottom
Retired pro wrestler Shawn Michaels talks about his walk from drug addiction back to God
Full Circle
He was an orphan who became a teacher, then returned to where he'd been raised. David Caukill tells Saona's story.
Enemies at the Altar
Conflicts between nations typically create hostilities between people, but Henry Ferguson recounts an incident during World War II that belies that conclusion.
Learning to Trust the Driver
September Francis tells of a valuable lesson she learned from her two-year-old son.
Have a Healthy Happy Christmas
Melody Tan shares how you can enjoy the festive season's treats without having to feel the guilt.
God Never Gives Up
A story by Sherman Nagel illustrates the truth that we may walk away from God, but He never stops searching for us.
Living With Children: The Overindulged Child

Bible Discovery
Remembering God's Love at Christmastime
Your Bible Questions
If human beings had had immortality before they sinned, then they could not have sinned.