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Peace on Earth?

The night Jesus was born, a choir of angels proclaimed "peace on earth" to the shepherds. But Ed Dickerson asks, Why hasn't it happened? Or has it?

December 2014

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Miracle of the Pink Christmas Tree
Jim Berglund and his family discovered again that God really does care for us, even in the hard times of life.
I Want to Find My Father
Do you love Jesus—but you're afraid of God? Dwight Nelson responds to this fear that most of us have had at one time or another.
Come Just as You Are
How does Jesus relate to us when we sin after we've accepted Him as our Savior? Melissa Howell gives a thoughtful response to this question.
Food Matters: Alcohol Advice Revisited


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The reason for the Season
The true spirit of Christmas is often lost in commercialization. Victor Parachin shares some ways you can get that lost spirit back.
How to Trust God
John Bradshaw tells us how we can have faith in God through life's difficult times.
The Christmas Shopper
Lucinda Norman tells how one young man's cheerfulness changed the way she shops at Christmastime.
Something to Celebrate
As the world remembers the miracle of Jesus' birth this month, Nancy Canwell shares some thoughts about what He's like.
A little Weight-Loss Treat
Ongoing motivation is one of the challenges of weight control. Online weight loss coach Andrew Cate shares how rewards can help you stay in shape.
Huddled Humanity
Sleeping amid filth and sewage, David Caukill recalls the story of a lady working hard to overcome poverty.
God With Us
We asked Joy Snyder to reflect a bit on the meaning of the name Immanuel. We think you'll appreciate her thoughts.
Charlie's Medicine
John McLarty reminds us that the bad things that happen to us may be Godsends in disguise.
The Dream
John Shuler tells a story that helps us to look forward to God's judgment instead of being afraid of it.
Bible Discovery: Celebration: Saved by a Baby

Living With Children: Responsible vs. Irresponsible Parenting

Your Bible Questions
Whom did God model the female angels after?