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Will the World End on December 21?

The Mayan Long Count calendar is compared with what the Bible says about the end of the world.

December 2012

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Freedom From Addiction
Do you struggle to overcome a besetting sin? How can God help you to deal with it.
Why the Virgin Birth Matters
So long as we have faith, do we really need to believe in the supernatural and incredible claims of Christ?
An Angel's Story
Penny Estes Wheeler "listens" as an angel explains where evil began and gives a synopsis of the conflict between good and evil on our planet.
Food Matters: Going Raw


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What Jesus Wants for Christmas
What if you set out to get a gift for Jesus this Christmas? Would it be much different and much bigger than anything we give each other?
The Christmas Gift
A one-and-a-half-year-old daughter taught her mother a lesson about Christmas that she'll never forget.
The Tiny Foot
A touching Christmas story that's true, well known, and well worth repeating.
Children of the Indian Ocean
Beneath the beauty of the land, Sri Lanka has very real issues of poverty and abuse.
Death—and Then What?
Some people say you go to heaven, others that you go to the grave. What does the Bible say?
The Message of Christmas
What is the main reason for Christmas?
Minutes Matter
In the heart of a child, one moment can last forever. Accept a challenge to take that moment.
Nuclear Family Fallout
With divorce rates and the number of single-parent families rising, we may be heading toward disaster.
Christmas in a Concentration Camp
If something bad has happened to you, perhaps Corrie Ten Boom's story can help you—just as it helped her—to understand why.
Bible Discovery: Good News at Christmas

Living With Children: Rules and Relationships

Your Bible Questions
If every eye will see Jesus at His coming, why don't the wicked dead rise until the thousand years are finished?