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Two Kinds of Anger

It’s easy to think that all anger is bad, but there is a good kind.

November 2019

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I Just Can’t Help It—Or Can I?
The power of choice is one of God’s great gifts to humans.
So, You’re Church Shopping
Don’t be blinded by the glitter.
The Importance of a Comma
Have Jesus’ words on the cross been misunderstood?
Health Matters: Can What You Eat Boost Your Brainpower?


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The Illusion of Connection
Are you addicted to your screen?
Afraid of the End Time?
Do visions of the seven last plagues cause you to panic?
God’s New World: What It Will Be Like
Nobody’s ever seen it, but the Bible’s description of it and the conceptions of it that are portrayed by artists make it seem very attractive.
God’s Amazing Gift
When you accept it, your life will be transformed!
The Turn at the Gate
Christians need to remember Jesus’ formula for changing humanity.
How to Grow in Christ
You don’t have to stay stuck in spiritual stagnation.
The Turn of the Table
A curse turns into a blessing.
How His Worry Was Cured
It’s easy to get all stressed out worrying about a future that never happens.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Children and Psych Medication

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