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Astrology: Can It Tell Your Fate?

It’s immensely popular, but is it a reliable guide?

November 2017

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The Rich Man and Lazarus
Did both really go to their eternal rewards?
New Prophets—Who Wants Them?
Is the idea of a modern-day prophet biblical?
Why the Week Has Seven Days
Why not six or eight days—or four?
Food Matters
Cardiovascular Trends and Controversies

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Spiritualism: The Devil’s Door Into Your Life
What you believe about death may leave you open to demonic influences.
Smart Genes and Life
A molecular biologist compares the complexity of DNA with that of a smartphone and asks where both came from.
Pet Heaven or Not?
Will there be a resurrection? Yes, definitely, says Kim Peckham. Will pets be included?
Why Jesus Is Returning
Simple answers to a complex question
A New Pair of Glasses
Seeing people through new eyes
How to Get Right With God
You can be ready for God’s final judgment!
Submission That’s Healthy
Unpacking Paul’s thoughts on marriage
Don’t Trust Princes
A story that illustrates the real value of earthly wealth, fame, and power.
Religion in the News

Living With Children
The Kid Who’s Doing Well enough
Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions