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Does the Bible Predict Climate Change?

Scott Christiansen examines the scientific evidence for climate change and compares it with what Jesus said about signs of His second coming.

November 2016

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Full Access to God
A slaughtered animal, an ancient tabernacle and a modern courtroom: together they tell an salvation’s tale.
The Original Soul Sleeper
What happens when I die? is one of life’s biggest questions. And it deserves an answer.
Fewer Experts, More Prophets
Loren Seibold compares the financial predictions of today’s economists with the predictions of the biblical prophets.
Food Matters
Gluten Free Diets

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Buying a Better World
Let the buyer beware
That Sugar Tax
Taxing tobacco and alcohol has improved community health. Would a sugar tax do the same?
Jesus In an Apron
A girl, serving from a pure heart, giving honor and love, wanting nothing in return—I had just caught a glimpse of Jesus.
That Pesky “Religious” Label
Label someone, and you no longer have to deal with them thoughtfully.
Sarah Bratcher learned a lesson about God from a conversation with her granddaughter that had never occurred to her before.
The Guarantee of Jesus’ Return
Before Jesus left the earth He said He would return. But after nearly 2,000 years, how can Christians believe that promise?
Returning the Favor
30 years on, they’re repaying their debt—with interest.
5 Ways to Reenergize Your Personal Devotions
If you’re discouraged about your spiritual life, Randy Maxwell has wise advice about how you can restart it.
The Christian and the Agnostic
An anonymous author tells how one Christian bested an agnostic.
Religion in the News

Living With Children
Thumb-sucking Children
Your Bible Questions