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UFOs Are We Alone in the Universe?

Some people say that UFOs are real and that they are inhabited by beings from elsewhere in the universe. Marvin Moore considers what this implies if it’s true.

November 2015

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God's Lamb Our High Priest
Loren Seibold explains the meaning of the Old Testament sacrificial system that seems so strange to our modern eyes and ears.
How You Can Make Your Sabbaths Special
Celeste Perrino-Walker says that if you want your Sabbaths to be happy days, then make them special days.
Five Steps to Salvation
People who feel alienated from God sometimes think their situation is hopeless. Randy Maxwell disagrees and explains how you can be—what Christians call—saved.
Living With Children: What About ADHD?


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Raising Beautiful Girls
Rochelle Melville shares a few tips for mothers who want their daughters to grow up confident and self-assured.
The Flexibility of Inspiration
Borge Schantz says that Bible prophecy is about much more than simply telling what’s going to happen in the future.
The Day I Lost My Dad
Julie Guirgis’s father suffered from dementia. Then one day he wandered from home.
Body and Soul: Together Forever
A key debate among many Christians is whether human beings are made up of one part or two. Samuele Bacchiocchi examines this issue.
The Coming Utopia
Omar Miranda responds to the rising trend of postapocalyptic, dystopian obsession.
Flirting With Mr. Wrong
A busy husband and an attractive male friend: How would she deal with the temptation?
A Mother's Prayer
At a loss to help her son with the deep depression he was experiencing, Emily Galbraith sought divine help.
Racing in a Rocking Chair
Do you find yourself obsessing about things in your life that you can’t change? Richard Bauman’s advice can help you to deal with this problem.
Hold on Tight!
Norman Gulley tells a story that illustrates the truth that we need to “hold on tight” to Jesus.
Food Matters: All About Chia

Bible Discovery: Jesus Our Heavenly Mediator

Your Bible Questions
If the lives of human beings have already been written . . . why did God give them free will?