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How Old Is the Earth?

Science says that life has existed on the earth for millions of years. However, Ariel Roth points out significant evidence in support of a much shorter time frame.

November 2014

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Resurrection or Incarnation
Ed Dickerson examines the concept of reincarnation and compares it with the Christian idea of resurrection.
True or False
How can we tell whether someone who claims to be a prophet is a prophet? Nancy Canwell explains how to recognize the true from the false.
God's Gift to Busy People
Becky Rudell learned that keeping the Sabbath means much more than just taking a day off work.
Living With Children: Curing the Moody Teen


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Forgiveness From the Heart
It's possible to yield to our grudges and not even be aware of it. Paul Gaughan tells how we can avoid this problem.
Keep Your Eyes Open
Errol Wright tells the story of a shipwreck some 300 years ago that has some important lessons for us today.
The Great War 100 Years Later
While there's nothing to celebrate about war, Geoff Youlden says that the memorials to World War I around the world remind us of Jesus' predictions about war.
Patience in an Impatient World
Tammy Darling shows us why we should take things slower—and how we can do it.
The Wrong Number
Their phone lines were crossed, but Jim Ayer says that Pastor Mani discovered it was all a part of God's plan.
34 Ways to Make Your Marriage Happier
Victor Parachin shares some tips on how to make sure your marriage brings you and your spouse more pleasure than pain.
A Father's Love
Have you ever felt afraid of God? If so, you'll enjoy reading the description of Him that Loren Seibold finds in the Bible.
Cold Night of Courage
Roger Meyer tells the World War II story of the four Army chaplains who sacrificed their lives so that others could live.
Why I Smile
Roy Borgess explains why he smiles, even though he's spent the past 25 years in prison.
Food Matters: Healthy Cooking Methods

Bible Discovery: True Versus False Prophets

Your Bible Questions
Do we know which came first—Satan's rebellion in heaven or the creation of Adam and Eve?