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When Life Is Unfair

Tragedy often strikes suddenly, and it has no favorites. Curtis Rittenour offers some suggestions on how to deal with it when it happens to you.

November 2013

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Heaven and Hell in the Here and Now
When does heaven begin? When does hell begin? Who or what determines which way we go?
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
David Jarnes examines a question that theologians have debated for almost 2,000 years. Is the Holy Spirit a real Person?
Celebrating Christ's Death
Christians observe what's called "Communion" or "the Lord's Supper." Ed Dickerson explains what it's all about.
Hope for a Hurting World
The world may be in chaos, but Nancy Canwell believes there is still something to look forward to.
Living With Children: Trust Me!


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A Few Kind Words
Patty Ntihemuka reflects on a Thanksgiving memory—the grace she received when she needed it most.
When You Can't Fix It
What do you say when tragedy strikes a friend? Esther Bailey helps you find your role in such situations.
Happy Birthday
Deep in the clutches of sorrow, Evidelia Gómez finds herself in God's embrace.
Conversation With an old Black Dog
Roger Bothwell shares a parable of a monologue that an old man has with his dog about life and loss and the hereafter.
Teens and Alcohol
In an alcohol-soaked society, Amanda Bews considers how we can help our young people make better choices.
Learning to Love Exercise
Some people thrive on exercise, while others hate it. Andrew Cate offers some tips on how you can enjoy your exercise more.
God Works Here too!
Kim Nethken was in a tight spot. As a prisoner, should he insist on following his conscience, or should he give in and do what he was told?
Who Knows?
Have you ever worried about what the future holds? Charlie Shedd tells a story that illustrates how to deal with that fear.
Food Matters: How to Renovate Your Plate

Bible Discovery: The Second Coming of Jesus

Your Bible Questions
Does [God] have arms and legs and eyes and ears?