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Martin Luther: Father of the Reformation

Five centuries after October 31, 1517, his impact on history is still being felt.

October 2017

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The Cost of a Carnivore
We’re looking in the wrong place when it comes to reducing our carbon emissions.
Where Is God When Life Hurts?
For the unbeliever, suffering is the greatest impediment to belief.
A Gift for You
God gives special endowments to each of us—to work for His glory.
Living With Children
The Formula

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Beyond Size
Beauty and self-loathing can be present in the same body.
To Raise an Amish Child
Parenting Amish style would make a difference.
Living for Others
The key to enjoying life: Forget self and look out for others.
Mrs. Luther and Her Sisters
A look at the role women played in the Reformation
Total Commitment to God
Choose life: It’s as simple as that.
When Drought Hits Home
East Africa is in the grip of the worst drought in decades.
Stories of Seeds and Yeast
The Bible contains a strange mix of metaphors.
Trust Creates Confidence
When we trust someone, we help them develop confidence that can win against great difficulties.
Religion in the News

Inside Your Brain
Retrain Your Brain for Weight Loss
Food Matters
The Problem With Business Lunches
Discover the Bible's Answers to Your Questions