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Brexit: When Dreams Collide

The Bible's comment about Britain's exit from the European Union

October 2016

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Listening to My Hair Grow
Why we all need to take a break sometimes
How to Keep the Sabbath
Ways to kick back, relax, and recharge once a week
Living in Enemy Territory
Why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?
Living With Children
Should children who are sick watch TV?

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Standing at Work
Investigating the pros and cons of standing desks
Emotionally Fighting Fit
Bouncing back after traumatic childhood abuse
The Brain-Immune Connection
What's good for your brain is also good for your immune system.
Help for Those Stuck in Poverty
Helping to improve the lives of villagers in Burma.
Are You Addicted?
How to recognize an addiction and what you can do about it
Finding sanity as a mother of four young children
The Gift of the Century
Have we gone overboard with our obsession about material possessions?
The Earthquakes That Will End Time
Are we experiencing the earthquakes that Jesus foretold?
The Gift of Grapes
Salvation doesn’t depend on anything we can do.
Religion in the News

Food Matters
Making Healthy burgers
Your Bible Questions