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How to Live Forever

Most of us humans feel apprehensive at the thought that someday we'll die, but Charles Mills explains that God has a plan for dealing with that problem.

October 2015

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Miracle in the Baptistry
Marvin Moore tells a story about an unusual baptism that he performed when he was a pastor in Texas.
Sabbath: Do We Know Which Day It Is?
There have been two calendar changes in the past 2,000 years, so a key question about the Sabbath is whether we really know which day it is. Ed Dickerson examines the evidence.
Are You Gifted?
The Bible says God has given each of us special talents. Karen Holford helps you to discover what yours may be.
Food Matters: Add Some Almonds


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Separating Facts About Death From Fiction
Shawn Boonstra takes a look at some of the traditions about death that have grown up among Christians during the past 2,000 years.
The Great Sugar Scandal
Nutrition experts Vicki Griffin and Evelyn Kissinger team up to answer some important questions about sweeteners, including why you should cut back on sugar—and how.
A Friend in Need
What does it truly mean to be a friend? Melody Tan delved into the Bible to find out.
The Reason for Sin and Suffering
IF God is so great, why do pain and suffering still exist? Loren Seibold investigates this important question.
Good Angels and Bad Angels
Ellen White was one of the most prolific female authors of all time. This article is adapted from her book The Great Controversy Ended. At the end of the article is an offer for you to receive a free copy.
Right on Track
Josh Dye reports that in an environment marred by alcohol and crime, a group of Australian Aboriginal children is getting a shot at life.
I Just Can't Help it—or Can I?
Has God programmed your life ahead of time? Penny Estes Wheeler reflects on your freedom of choice.
A Motorcycle and a Miracle
God's call to share our faith with others can come at the most unexpected moments. Barbara Joy Hansen shares one such occasion.
Giving Your Best
Nancy Schafner shares a story that tells us how we can make God happy.
Living With Children: Toddlers Who Bite

Bible Discovery: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil

Your Bible Questions
Does God still talk with Satan and listen to his requests?