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It's a war that politicians refer to from time to time. But what is it?

October 2013

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Is Debt Consolidation the Answer?
Are you swamped with debt? Paul Clitheroe suggests a solution that can help to set you free.
Two Creation Stories or One?
The Bible's account of how the world was created may seem contradictory, but Randall Younker explains why it isn't.
How to Prepare for Baptism
Are you thinking about being baptized? Maylan Schurch, a pastor who has baptized many people, shares some thoughts about what you need to do to be ready.
Food Matters: Why Should You Visit a Dietician?


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God's GPS
How did God convey His messages to us in the Bible? David Jarnes mentions several ways He communicated with the prophets.
Religion: None
With the number of nonreligious rising around the world, Clifford Goldstein explains why the Christian faith will not disappear.
At Face Value
An afternoon shift at the hospital teaches Gwen Allen some valuable lessons on judging others.
When God Spoke to Me
What does it mean to "hear" God's voice? How does He "talk" to us? Amy Joy Hess asked those questions and came up with some helpful answers.
SAFE Schools
Braden Blyde details how some simple steps are bringing security and confidence back to a marginalized group in Tanzania.
A Weekly Delight
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, Nancy Canwell provides a divine solution for getting rest.
Green Eyes
Do you feel jealous of someone who's more attractive than you, is more popular, or has more money? Anna Sherwell suggests ways you can deal with it.
What Difference Does God's Law Make?
Some Christians argue that they are not "under law," meaning God's laws. But Loren Seibold explains why obeying God's moral laws really is important.
George Ashlock tells a story that illustrates the devil's way of tempting us.
Bible Discovery: Rest for a Restless Generation

Living With Children: What Is Bullying?

Your Bible Questions
Should I pay $10 tithe if I receive $100 as a gift? What if someone gives me a shirt?