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Revelation's Money Meltdown

Is the current global economic crisis foretold in Revelation?

October 2011

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What It Means to be Born Again
It's important for Christians to understand what the new birth means—and what it does not mean.
A Spokesperson for God
In order to represent God to others, we must first know Him ourselves.
Judgment of Love
The topic of God's judgment has brought fear to the hearts of many Christians. There is no need to fear.
Food Matters: Should You Add Salt?


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Give Your Children a Golden Start
It's never too early to start raising financially responsible adults.
Your Special Day
One whole day a week to disconnect from the busyness of your life? Here's how to obtain its full benefits.
Does Thin = Healthy?
We often assume that thin people are healthier than overweight people. Is that really true?
A Mother's Touch
Susan Wesley is commonly referred to as the "mother of Methodism."
Tips for Newlyweds
Karen Holford reflects on what happens to many just-marrieds when the honeymoon is over.
Fate of the Unwarned
The Bible teaches that only those who believe in Jesus will gain eternal life. What happens to those who never heard about Jesus?
Chance Encounter?
Laurice Durrant reflects on an incident that persuaded her that God cares even about the little things in our lives.
A Place for You
Life in our world can be disappointing and painful. That's why you'll enjoy Nancy Canwell's reflections on what life in God's new earth will be like.
Dressed for Success
True success is based on more than the clothes one wears.
BIble Discovery: The Spirit of Prophecy

Living With Children: Parenting Persistence

Your Bible Questions
Why doesn't God speak to people today the way He did to Moses and the other prophets?