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Born to Be a King

Looking at Him, you would never have guessed who He really was. The author reflects on Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago.

December 2009

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Gifts That Show You Care
One of the most common Christmas traditions is exchanging gifts. Victor Parachin tells about gifts that people will appreciate even more than gifts.
The Perils of Twilight
A new occult thriller has hit the theaters grabbing the attention of teens. Steve Wohlberg explains its sinister significance.
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
Is the Holy Spirit a divine Person in His Own Right? Maylan Schurch examines the biblical evidence and explains what the Spirit can do for you.
Food Matters: Soy for Healthy Bones


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The "Big One" Is Coming
The author reflects on the meaning of the earthquakes that have struck the world in recent years, especially in the western Pacific.
Prisoner of Her Conscience
What would you endure for your beliefs? This is an account of a heroine who gave up her freedom for her faith.
Standing With God
The author reflects on the fact that during the world's final conflict, God's people will remain unashamedly loyal to Him.
How to Avoid Going Broke at Christmas
Does Christmas throw your budget into chaos for the next several months? Here are some suggestions on ways to deal with that problem.
Cambodia: A Place of Hope
The author reports on the poverty in Cambodia and the need for assistance from organizations such as ADRA.
Wise Men Still Seek Him
Gary Kent reminds us that wherever we are this Christmas, we'll be reminded of the Baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago.
Earth's Ultimate Survivors
What will God's people at the end of time be like? Marvin Moore shares Revelation's description of this important group.
God's Technology
Why should we worry about the circumstances of our lives? Kenneth Holland points out that God knows where we are at every moment.
Living With Children: The Difference Between Parents and Grandparents

Bible Discovery: The Remanant and Its Mission

Your Bible Questions
How can an absolute and eternal God, who knows the beginning and the end, change His mind?