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Mary's Story

She was a young Jewish girl. Probably a teenager. A nobody in her day. But this story shows how her life then has profound implications for our life today.

December 2008

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Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?
The Bible says we will be changed at Christ's second coming. The author ponders whether that means we'll all be strangers in heaven.
Which Way Does Christmas Point?
We typically think of Christmas as a time to look back, but the author found it also to be a time to look forward.
Finding Hope and Help in the Bible
When you need advice, the Bible is a great place to begin. The author shows how, by examining several texts that provide wise counsel.
Food Matters
Healthy Gift Ideas

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Like Father, Like Son
To what extent are children "a chip off the old block"? The author ponders what causes a child to become like a parent.
The Guinea Hen and the Ant
A legend from the African country of Benin has a lesson for us in North America.
The Christ of the Crisis
Are the circumstance in your life threatening to destroy you? This article reveals the God who is always with us.
Christmas Presence
Christmas is more than a shopping spree and feasting frenzy. It's about the One whose birth we celebrate.
Who is Jesus?
Jesus is the most remarkable and undoubtedly best-known historical Figure. This article shares some thoughts about who He was and who He is.
What the Bible Says About Gifts
At a season of the year when gifts are on everyone's mind, this article calls our attention to what the Bible says about gifts.
Spinning a Dollar
ADRA is helping to rejuvenate a traditional and rewarding village industry in Laos.
The Two Pennies
This story by an unknown author illustrates the truth that, far more important than the amount we give, is the sincerity with which we give it.
Bible Discovery
Gifts of the Spirit
Living with Children
How to Cure Tantrums
Your Bible Questions
I saw a picture of the Ten Commandments with five on each stone tablet. Is this the correct position?