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What If He Had Never Been Born?

Randy Maxwell takes you on an imaginary tour of the world, letting you see what it would have been like if Jesus hadn’t come to earth two thousand years ago.

December 2006

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Delayed Delivery
In this touching Christmas story, Cathy Miller tells how one lonely widow’s grief was turned to joy. Have a handkerchief ready as you read!
A Time to Forgive
Forgiveness can be tough, especially when you’ve been deeply hurt. Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson reflects on that difficulty and how to resolve it.
Imagine Heaven
The Bible says that our eyes have not seen nor our ears heard what God has prepared for us, but Ken McFarland takes us on an imaginary tour.
My Best Christmas Ever
Our adult children sometimes have to choose between two homes to visit at Christmas time. Linda LaRoque tells what she did when it wasn’t her turn.

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Our Impulsive Christmas Visit
Audrey Carli and her husband felt lonely without their children that Christmas, but they found a unique way to dispel the disappointment.
An Angel Whispered in His Ear
A beloved Christmas carol comes to life in this short story by Richard W. O’Donnell, which should make the song much more meaningful next time you sing it.
“Good Thing You Didn’t Kill Jesus”
A minor accident provided John Baxter with a way to reflect on the purpose of Jesus’ life and the real meaning of His birth.
The Wartime Christmas Tree
Christmas is especially tough for people who live in war-torn lands. Tom Kovach tells a dramatic story from World War II in France.