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How to Survive the Coming Economic Crisis

The financial prophets keep warning us of a meltdown ahead. A financial counselor shares seven ways you can protect yourself from being overwhelmed.

November 2008

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The Power of Forgiveness
You can nurse your hurt feelings for a long time with a grudge. But the author reflects on a solution that's much more satisfying—and it's permanent.
Overcoming Obesity in Kids
The problem of childhood obesity continues to grow at alarming levels. What can parents do to protect their child's future health? An online weight loss coach shows that it all starts in your own backyard.
A Gift in Time
The clock has made us slaves to time. This article shows how the Sabbath delivers us from the tyranny of time.
Living with Children
Table Manners for Kids

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Edinburgh: A City Abounding in History
In Edinburgh, you can literally trip over the history. The author explores this Scottish city.
7 Keys for Restoring Happiness
Has your marriage lost its luster? The author suggests seven keys for restoring happiness as a couple.
Why do you believe?
Have you ever thought about the reasons for your faith? You'll appreciate the author's reflections on why he believes.
Church: Is It for You?
An ancient story gives the author insight into what church should be like: a welcoming, embracing, and supportive community.
Obey the Rules and Be Happy
Some people claim that the Ten Commandments have been done away with, but this article shows how they are the key to a fulfilling life.
Big Challenges for Small Farmers
The life of a farmer in Honduras is one of severe challenges, the author reports. But it isn't without hope.
Dust Balls
Dust is a nuisance, and, as this article poitns out, it can sometimes create serious problems—even in our spiritual lives.
Bible Discovery
The Church Community
Food Matters
Boost Antioxidants With Herbs
Your Bible Questions
Why do Christians worship a Jewish man who followed Jewish principles? Wouldn't that make them Gentile Jews?