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2012: Is the End Written in Stone?

Many people today expect a global disaster to occur in the year 2012. Should you be concerned?

October 2009

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The Complete Picture of Health
Health and fitness expert Andrew Cate explores some strategies to help you find personal well-being.
A History of Halloween
Have you ever wondered where ghosts, jack-o'-lanterns, and trick-or-treating came from?
Why Baptism Matters
Is baptism an absolute requirement in order for a person to be saved in God's kingdom?
Food Matters: Can Nonstick Cookware Be Toxic?


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Recognizing the Real Jesus
With the promise of false christs coming to deceive, the author looks at ways we can recognize the real Jesus when He comes.
So You've Been Laid Off
With millions of people out of work, the author gives some personal and professional insights into how to handle being unemployed.
Changing Lives One Bible at a Time
The International Bible Society has an ambitious goal: to help transform people so that the world becomes a better place to live.
How to Enjoy Fruit
The author reflects on the meaning of fruit in his life—both the kind you eat and the kind you find in a relationship with God.
Discovering Real Love
Love is more art than action. The author gives some insights into this ultimate of emotions.
When Jesus Comes Again
All Christians want to see Jesus return and put an end to pain and suffering.
Taking Care of Your World
God asks Christians to care for many things. The author discusses several aspects of life that we are all responsible for.
Water Wells in Somalia
The author reports how ADRA came to the rescue in a drought-stricken area of Somalia.
Parable of the Water Pots
Do you sometimes feel useless? This familiar parable will help to put life's imperfections in perspective.
The Pianist
We may not think we accomplish much with our lives, says Kenneth Holland, but when God combines His efforts with ours, the result can be amazing.
Living With Children: Dealing With Monsters

Bible Discovery
Biblical Stewardship
Your Bible Questions
Please explain Ezekiel 16:11, 12. Do these verses endorse the wearing of jewelry? If not, why did God use such language?