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The Terrorist of Revelation

Talk of terrorism is common, but the author reveals what the Bible says about the world's ultimate terrorist.

October 2008

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Becoming Sin Free
We see results of sin everywhere, even within ourselves! This article explains what sin is and how you can overcome it.
Teaching Kids to Tell the Truth
The author's son asked him a question he couldn't put off answering, even for a deadline.
The Debate Over Human Nature
Most people believe human beings have a body that dies and a soul that survives death, but the author challenges that view.
Food Matters
Green Shopping

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Getting Kids to Eat Healthy
Do your children turn up their noses at fruits and veggies? This article suggests 11 things that may induce them to eat a more nutritious diet.
Tips to Improve Prayer Power
Sometimes Christians struggle with knowing how to pray. The author offers several practical suggestions.
The Possibility of God
Philosophers have debated the question of God's existence for millenniums. Atheists say there is no God. The author looks at the other side.
Rome: City of Seven Hills
The author takes us on a guided tour of one of the world's most influential cities.
Power in Worship
Is worship going to church? Is it singing, praying, or reading the Bible? This article reflects on the real meaning of the word worship.
Riding Out a Storm
The impact of cyclone Nargis on Myanmar's delta region was total devastation. ADRA International's director for public awareness tells of ADRA's response.
Forgiving a Murderer
How would you respond to someone who murdered your husband or wife? This is one woman's story.
The Letter in the Attic
Most of us have good intentions. This story illustrates the truth that we must also carry out those intentions.
Bible Discovery
The Miracle of Life
Living with Children
Spanking: Is it really OK?
Your Bible Questions
In some Bibles I see certain word in italics. Why is that? They don't seem to be for emphasis.