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Has Science Found God?

Science and religion may not be mutually exclusive.

October 2007

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Fears and Phobias
Being scared is a life-preserving function of the brain; but taken to extreme, it can kill you.
Hurt by the Church
What can you do when people in the church hurt you?
What on Earth Is Stewardship?
Being a good steward doesn't mean being the best attendant on a plane.
Food Matters
Shopping lists promote healthier choices.

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Cockroaches and a Friend
Finding a friend in need.
The Gift of Prophecy
How should the term prophet be understood in terms of the Bibleā€”and our times?
Iona, the Holy Island
The Celtic church was born and bred on this beautiful isle.
Tackling Childhood Obesity
Obesity is an epidemic, so what can we do to avoid it?
You Shall Not Give False Testimony
The ninth commandment.
Teach Your Child to Tell the Truth
According to this author, a harsh, condemning spirit causes children to rebel; whereas a gentle approach under God wins their hearts.
A Reason to Hope
Mothers in developing countries often face great hardships. This is a story of one Cambodian mother who, in spite of extreme poverty, has found a reason to hope.
Standing in the Gap
We need each other. This article explains how we can help others accomplish their true potential.
The Insignificant Farmhand
This story illustrates the importance of judging by character, not by outward appearances.
Bible Discovery
Tell the Truth.
Living with Children
See Who's the Boss!
Your Bible Questions
Jesus said that some people who were with Him would not see death "before they see the Son of Man coming."