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Why the Middle East Is Such a Tinderbox

The part of the world we often speak of as “the Holy Land” seems to be in a continual state of turmoil. Ed Dickerson explains why.

October 2006

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Christianity Isn’t for Wimps
Success in education and a career require long-term commitment. Reinder Bruinsma points out that the same thing is required for spiritual success.
The Arrogant Nuclear Scientist
Robert Faid went to church because everyone else did, but he didn’t believe in God, virgin births, or resurrections. Then one day the preacher made him feel uncomfortable.
Younger Son, Older Friends
A 14-year-old boy is hanging around with older friends—friends who have their driver’s licenses already. Should the boy’s parents be concerned?
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Surprised Convert
Tracy Morgan had no intention of becoming a Christian and she said so in no uncertain terms. But then she met a pregnant woman.
Israel and the Christian Church
Some Christians believe the Christian church replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. The editor examines this question from the New Testament.
Will There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East?
The recent war between Israel and Hizbollah once again focuses our attention on this question. Ángel Manuel Rodríguez provides a biblical answer.
The Tie That Binds—for Life
Ron and Karen Flowers chose a motion picture as the backdrop for their reflection on marriage as a long-term relationship.
The Da Vinci Code and the Sabbath
The most popular novel of the early twenty-first century makes some significant statements about God’s Sabbath. Robert K. McIver asks, “Are they true?”