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The Sins of the Fathers

Can my sinful habits be passed on to my children, their children, and their children’s children?

August 2021

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How to Live Forever
How God resolved the sin problem
5 Ways to Increase Your Faith
Do you sometimes have trouble trusting God?
The Gospel in a Seed
Jesus loved to tell stories about seeds.
Living With Children: The Grandparent’s Dilemma


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Coached by a Cat
Spiritual lessons from a tamed wild cat
Memories of My Father’s Return
It had been six months. She could hardly wait!
Spending Sabbath With God
The Sabbath is a special day for you and God to get better acquainted.
How to Be Jesus in Disguise
It’s easier than you might think!
Why Attend Church?
Those who attend church gain a number of benefits.
Sunday in the New Testament
Does it say that Sunday is now the Sabbath?
A Sermon in Shoes
Why the priest cried
Religion in the News

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