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Prophecy Plague

Is the coronavirus the beginning of the end? What is our responsibility as Christians?

August 2020

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In the Beginning . . .
Stories about origins matter.
Reflections on the Communion Service
It’s more than just a ritual.
How to Be a Happy Christian
You don’t have to feel afraid or guilty!
Living With Children: Stay-at-Home Kids


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Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?
Some say it is, others say no. What does the Bible say?
How to Grow Your Friendship With Jesus
Four ways to build your faith
How to Judge Others . . . Fairly
Resist those reflex thoughts.
What to Expect When Jesus Returns
Don’t let it take you by surprise.
Saved From Myself
We’ve all messed up. What’s the solution?
The Ultimate Fate

Religion in the News

Health Matters: Natural Sweeteners: Are They Good for You?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions