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Meteor Impact

It could bring life on this earth to an end, but God has another plan.

June 2021

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The Power of a Promise
The importance of marriage vows
Confusion About Death
Why the Bible’s teaching about death matters
Why Revelation’s Seven Last Plagues Are Important
Would a loving God bring these plagues on the world?
Living With Children: Where Kids Should Sleep


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Earth’s Caretakers
God wants us to take care of the world.
Why Baptism Is Important
Can people who’ve never been baptized be saved?
The Coat
One act of kindness can make a big difference.
War in Heaven: When Everything Went Wrong
Why would a loving God create a devil?
The Most Spectacular Event of All Time
Everyone will see and hear Jesus when He returns!
Home at Last!
Heaven will be our home someday!
Get the Room Ready!
The preacher refused to give up!
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Supplements or Food?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions