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Can a Creationist Be a Scientist?

Some people think they’re mutually exclusive because today’s science excludes God.

June 2020

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Sunday in the New Testament
Is there evidence of a change from Saturday to Sunday?
Must Your Computer Be Converted?
Computers can enhance our spirituality—or they can corrupt it.
Is That You, God?
How to hear His voice
Living With Children: When Babies Cry


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Honoring the Ten Commandments
Why they deserve to be respected
Caring for the Needs of Others
What is “Stewardship”?
God as a Father
Some people have a hard time understanding that idea.
God Is a Family
Can one person be a “family”?
Take it Outside: 10 Great Reasons to Exercise Outdoors

Surprise Salvation
He went out to save a stranger.
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Eating Healthier for Anxiety and Depression

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions