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Resurrection or Reincarnation?

Some people see it one way, some see it the other way. How can we tell which is the right way?

March 2021

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My Journey From Desperation to God
One woman’s search for meaning in life
Why Did Jesus Speak Harshly?
Was He uncaring?
How to Read the Bible
It may seem hard at first, but there are resources that can help.
Health Matters: Ways to Ease Bloating


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18 Years!
That’s how long she suffered!
From Confession to Forgiveness
There are important steps to take before making a confession.
I Was Not Left Behind!

Meeting Your Deepest Needs
Jesus promises to be with you through life’s trials.
Pilgrim’s Progress
Learning to trust takes time.
Modern Idols
They aren’t just an ancient religious ritual.
Translating Faith
Suppose the new language has no word for faith.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Odd Kids

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions