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After Death, Then What?

After death, do we go to heaven, hell, the grave, or somewhere else?

March 2020

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Faith: A Tool in Recovery From Addiction
The evidence for the use of faith as an assistant in recovery from addiction is overwhelming.
God’s Memory
How an all-knowing God forgets
The Survivors
Who are the “remnant” mentioned in the Bible?
Health Matters Diabetes: How to Reduce Your Risk


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Guilt is good when we pay attention to it.
Wedding Jitters and Life Transitions
Baptism means a new start.
Why God’s First Commandment Is Important

Love Everyone
It’s a challenge that only God can help you meet.
What Jesus Said About When He’ll Return

What Is God Really Like?
It’s easy to feel as if God is “out to get us.”
How to Begin a Christian Life
Facing death, but saved
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Teens and Smartphones

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions