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The Wonderful Power of Choice

Even simple decisions can have lifelong consequences.

February 2021

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How Soon Is Soon?
Can we ever say that Jesus’ return is near?
How to Deal With Church Conflict
It may seem impossible, but there are solutions.
The Entertainment Trap
It’s worse than you may think!
Living With Children: Dealing With the Terrible Twos


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The Good News About God’s Judgment!
You don’t have to be afraid of it.
Can’t Wait for Heaven!
What our eternal home will be like
Can You Change God’s Mind?
If God intends one thing, will He do something else if you ask Him to?
Jesus Reverses Gotcha
Jesus forgives even the worst of sinners.
The Benefits of Temptation
Temptations can be your friends—if you let them!
Investment With God
It’s the best investment of all!
Religion in the News

Health Matters: Too Young to Get a Cholesterol Check?

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions