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Spiritual but Not Religious?

Can we be one without being the other? And do we have to choose between them?

January 2021

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Jesus Went to Church
He didn’t let the hypocrites stop Him.
What About Unanswered Prayers?
It’s easy for us to think that God has abandoned us!
You Are Needed!
Your church needs your unique talents! Are you willing to make them available?
Health Matters: Food Swaps for Better Health


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Where Did Life Come From?
Are we the product of chance or of choice—and does it matter?
10 Ways to Win Within
Ten ways that you can live life to the fullest
Selfish Mind Sickness
And its cure
Are Near-Death Experiences Real?
Scientific and biblical answers to an intriguing phenomenon
Can We Believe the Gospels?
Some say yes; others no. Who’s right?
What Will People Think?
And does it even matter?
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Picky Eaters

The Editor Answers Your Bible Questions