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Marriage: Is It Important?

Is marriage "just a piece of paper," or is there something abou tit that goes beyond the marriage license? Ed Dickerson comments on this critical question.

September 2015

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Three Minutes to Midnight
Clifford Goldstein points out that it isn't just Christians who are concerned about the end of the world. So are some scientists.
What the Bible Says About the Millennium
Revelation 20 predicts that a period of 1,000 years will follow Christ's seecond coming. So what will happen during that time? Dean Edgar examines the evidence.
How to Be a Happy Christian
From time to time, everyone feels depressed afraid, or filled with guilt. Loren Seibold explains how you can be a happy Christian.
Living With Children: Kids and Chores


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10 Tips for Excellent Health
Online fitness coach Andrew Cate shares his ten best ways to improve your health—day after day after day.
Missing Person
Have you ever felt like you were lost and wondered whether God cared? Dixil Rodriguez tells a story that responds to that question.
Look What I Found!
Even if we've drifted away from God in the past, Omar Miranda says God's always glad to reconnect with us.
Back to Basics
In our rapidly moving, ever-changing world, Errol Wright suggests that we remember a set of timeless guidelines that were give thousands of years ago.
The Church and You
What does it really mean to gather as Christians and go to church? Loren Seibold, who has spent many years as a pastor of several churches, responds.
No Heil Hitler
Paul Cieslar would have had a normal, happy childhood growing up in Wisla, Poland, if not for one thing—the Nazi occupation of his country.
Being Thankful in Adversity
Reflecting on an unfortunate incident in her kitchen, Laurice Durrant concluded that sometimes life's trials are good for us.
The Wool Sweater
Mindy M. Liebelt was on a mission trip to help people who were more needy than she was. But she discovered that it was the other way around. They filled her need.
Is Jesus Your Savior?
Some Christians think they're so sinful that Jesus couldn't possibly save them. George Ashlock responds to this fear with a story.
Bible Discovery: Attending Church Is Good for You and Your Family

Food Matters: Why You Should Have a Date

Your Bible Questions
If God is all-seeing and all-knowing, why did He say to Adam in the Garden of Eden, "Where are you"?