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The God Hypothesis

Atheists claim that there is no God. Theists claim there is. Clifford Goldstein looks at some of the arguments on both sides.

September 2014

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Grace at 30,000 feet
Our most random experiences sometimes bring us face-to-face with the issues in life that count the most. Kent Hansen says that's what happened to him.
Why Go to Church?
Nancy Canwell makes a case for organized religion, which, it turns out, really is good for you.
Learning to Love God's law
It's easy to think God's laws are a bunch of restrictions that keep us from enjoying life. But Melissa Howell says there's a way to keep his laws—and enjoy doing it!
Living With Children: When Consequences Don't Work


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How to Survive a Crisis
We all have a hard time facing the reality of our eventual demise, but John Bradshaw explains why we can be of good cheer.
Love Your Liver
If you have trouble losing weight or regularly suffer from indigestion, Jo Cox suggests that the problem may be with your liver.
Like a Thief in the Night
Jesus warned that many people will be totally surprised and unprepared when He comes back, but Curtis Rittenour explains how you can be ready.
The Conversation
On the verge of ending her life, Emmie Franks had a heart-to-heart talk with God.
Making Lasting Friendships
Lina Maevis felt like she was all alone in the world until she learned how to make—and keep—friends.
How to Have a Happy Family
Many families are stressed, but Karen Holford says it doesn't have to be that way—and she offers suggestions for bringing about change.
The Benefits of Marriage
These days it's fashionable to "live together" instead of "committing together." But Trafford Fischer asks, Who has the happiest life?
Take a Second Look
Charles Paddock tells a story that illustrates the truth that it's always best to take a second look when bad things seem to come our way.
Bible Discovery: Church Attendance: For More than Good Health!

Food Matters: Reinvigorating the Sandwich

Your Bible Questions
Do God's days begin at sunset?