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How to Be a Family

While the traditional family is the ideal, it doesn't always happen that way.

September 2012

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An Old World Made New
Wishful thinking never changed anything. Longing for a better world just might.
Do Christians Have to Keep God's Law?
Some Christians say that the Ten Commandments don't apply to God's people after the Cross, but is this really true?
The Bible in Your Language
If the Bible was originally in Hebrew and Greek, where did we get our English Bible?
Living With Children: Bedtime Capers


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Fish Philosophy
How do lessons from fishmongers give us satisfaction in life?
New Beginnings
Unfortunate circumstances are no excuse for failure. One man's journey explains how, with God, a bright future is possible.
Daddy, Where Are You?
God is neither male nor female, so why does He refer to Himself as "our Father"?
What to Do When Conflict Occurs
Arguments and disagreements between husbands and wives happen no matter how much they love each other. This isn't all bad.
Nine Important Facts About Jesus' Second Coming
Have you ever wondered what will happen at Jesus' second coming? What does the Bible say about this grand event?
Blessed Are the Merciful
Juanita Eastwick attempted to bring "everlasting peace" to her family by following one of Jesus' instructions.
Top 10 Exercise Errors
Insanity is defined as repeating a behavior and expecting a different result. Why do people repeat their excercise mistakes yet wonder why they don't get results?
The Fork in the Road
Have you ever asked God to approve of your wishes instead of consulting Him about His?
Food Matters: Lowering Your Cholesterol

Bible Discovery: A Place of Health and Happiness

Your Bible Questions
What happened to the people who came out of their graves at the time Jesus was crucified?