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Is God in Politics?

Some Christians claim God is in politics. But His sphere of interest is larger than that.

September 2011

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Why I'm a Creationist
While the evolutionary theory of origins dominates science and is accepted by many religionists, Duane Adams explains why he still believes the Genesis story of Creation.
God's Ten Commandments
God has given us humans Ten Commandments that He asks us to keep. What laws does God keep?
Jesus Talk
It's easy for sincere Christians to feel overwhelmed with guilt when they violate their consciences.
Living With Children: The Ringmaster


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Are You Ready for Heaven?
Have you ever wondered whether you'll be ready for heaven?
The Gamble
Does God really exist? What is the implication for your life if He does—or if He doesn't?
Competition or Cooperation?
Is it better to push yourself to the limit or to help someone reach his or her potential?
The Law of God
Some Christians claim that Christ abolished the Ten Commandments. Is that true?
How to Relax in Five Minutes
Some stress is good. Too much is bad. Here's how to relieve stress even when you are short on time.
Life's Not Perfect
Melissa Spratt's life isn't perfect, but she nevertheless finds the strength to carry on.
12 Secrets to Beating a Tobacco Addiction
Want to kick the nicotine habit for good? Here are 12 suggestions that can help you to succeed.
Learning to Trust the Driver
September Price tells a story that illustrates the importance of trusting God, even in hard times.
What Will People Think?
We humans are often concerned about the opinions of others. However, a hundred-year-old story from Signs of the Times® helps us to put this tendency in perspective.
Food Matters: Tomato: The Everyday Superfood

Bible Discovery: Run by Law Not by Luck

Your Bible Questions
When does one put on the robe of Christ's righteousness? Is it at baptism?