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Is the United States in Bible prophecy?

Could America, the land of liberty, ever become a land of religious persecution? Signs reflects on this possibility in light of Bible prophecy and current trends.

September 2010

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The Good News About Death!
There are some strange—and dangerous—things that can happen if we misunderstand the biblical truth about death.
When God Sorts Out His Own
Does God's judgment of His people at the end of time mean they can't be sure of their acceptance by Him now?
Born Again
When you're baptized, can you expect to live a perfect life from then on? Here's a personal experience.
Living With Children: Getting Ready for School


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Your Religion and the Environment
We're more connected to the environment than you might think.
The Power of a Positive Woman
The author takes time to appreciate the influence his wife has had on him.
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Given the increasing number of conflicts around the world, are we hurtling toward the end of the world?
One of a Kind
Among the hundreds of thousands of books published each year around the world, why is the Bible still the most unique?
Heal the Planet
We can all help heal the planet by simply becoming vegetarians.
God's Gifts
God loved the world so much that He gave us His Son Jesus. He's also given us many other gifts.
Serving a New Continent
Adventist World Radio is making an effort to reach people around the world with the gospel in their own language.
Accentuate the Positive
It's so easy to look on the dark side of life. But every dark cloud has a silver lining.
Food Matters: Magic of the Mediterranean Diet

Bible Discovery: The Reliability of the Bible

Your Bible Questions
Who were the dead people who were raised to life at the time of Christ's death?