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Where Did Life Come From?

Several theories have been suggested for where life on our planet originated. Clifford Goldstein examines one of these and compares it with the Bible's account.

August 2015

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Faces of the I AM
One of the greatest debates in Christian history is whether Jesus and the Holy Spirit are equal with God. Penny Estes Wheeler shares what the Bible says about this important question.
God's Love for Sinful People
Ellen White reflects on God's love for sinful human beingsā€”a love so great that He gave His Son to save us.
What the Resurrection Will Be Like
Keith Trumbo shares with us what the Bible says about heaven and the resurrection that will make it possible for us to be there.

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Food Matters: The Magic of Mushrooms

MAD Couples Make a Difference
Karen Holford says that being in a relationship isn't just about two people.
Vegetables for You and the Planet
Andrew Cate explains how growing your own food isn't just good for your health, it's also good for the environment.
Vegetarian Essentials
Many people are afraid they'll miss out on vital nutrients if they choose a vegetarian diet. Melody Tan looks at ways to address that.
My Other Father
Are there two different Gods in the Bible—one described in the Old Testament and another in the New? Nancy Canwell says No.
The Secret in Your Family Tree
We've all inherited qualities we are thankful for, but Aleta Bainbridge tells us that there's one quality all humans share that we would rather not have.
When I'm With You
Robert Clements tells a story that illustrates the truth that language doesn't have to be a barrier to a close friendship.
Tears of a Butterfly
She was a person everyone loved to hate. But, as Pat Fretten tells us, something changed.
Who's Really Missing Out?
A child of deaf adults, Esther Doss speaks about living between the deaf and hearing worlds and shares her eyewitness accounts of the deaf experience.
Never Give Up!
Jerry Gladson tells the heartwarming story of a man who refused to accept defeat—and how he ultimately succeeded.
Bible Discovery: Father to the Fatherless

Living With Children: 1950s Parenting

Your Bible Questions
Why was Satan cast out of heaven?