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A Good and Angry God

Anger is often considered a negative trait. What does a God of wrath actually mean?

August 2012

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The Media and Your Kids
Without proper supervision, technology may be harming our children.
Death Interrupted
We humans naturally fear death, for it means separation from life and those we love. But death is not the end.
Approaching God With Confidence
Do you sometimes feel that God is too busy to respond to your prayers? How does the Bible respond to this concern?
Food Matters: Need to Boost Fluids


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Called for Cleansing
Carolyn Rattliff Reid got more than she bargained for when she humbled herself before someone she disliked.
Ur of the Chaldeans
The Bible says an ancient city was once home to Abraham and his family.
Less Than Perfect
Where do we draw the line between good people and bad people?
Free to Give
It's easy to spend lots of money on ourselves, but God has a plan for the use of our material wealth.
Cockroaches and a Friend
Sometimes God's answers to our prayers take our breath away.
A Torrent of Hope
A little generosity is helping a lady from Mfuwe, Zambia, realize her dreams.
Putting Fear in It's Place
Fear is good when it's used properly. However it's destructive when it holds us back from taking reasonable risks.
How to Overcome an Addiction
Do you find it difficult or even impossible to overcome a bad habit? It's probably an addition, and there are ways to deal with it.
Parable of the Candle
Because you aren't one of the world's great men or women, you may think you don't amount to much. So what can God do with insignificant people?
Bible Discovery: Giving to Share the Gospel

Living With Children: Kids, Parents, and Homework

Your Bible Questions
When we are resurrected, will we live with other people who died in the first life, even with the Egyptians from the Bible?