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How to Know You're Saved

What is the basis of the Christian's assurance of eternal life in God's kingdom?

August 2011

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Where to Find Grace
In numerous areas of life we are rewarded for our accomplishments. But that's not true of church.
Sanctuary of Shadows
What did the sanctuary services in the Old Testament mean? They are far more relevant to us today than many people realize.
Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation
For 2,000 years, Christians have debated the role that obedience plays in our salvation. Here's another look at the issues involved in this important question.
Food Matters: Making Sense of Dairy-Free


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Eat With Your Kids
Having a meal together is as essential to the health of your family structure and the lives of your children as it is for their physical well-being.
Real Love?
We may be a little confused when it comes to the word love.
Working Together
Nothing much gets done when people refuse to cooperate. Here's how one group used their talents to complete an important task.
Myth, Mirage, or Miracle?
Is our brief time on earth all that this life offers?
Beyond Coupons
Joy Wendt was excited about the money she saved using coupons to get discounts on groceries—until she paused to reflect. You'll appreciate her conclusions.
Costly Grace
Here's a story that reminds us of God's total commitment to love the human race regardless of the cost to Himself.
When Reality Hurts
Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease, but Julene Kapao learned to look on the bright side.
The Measure of Generosity
Braden Blyde reflects on the truth of the common contradiction that those who have the least often give the most.
Living as a Giver
Don't use the talents God has given you just for yourself. If you want real joy, share with others.
Can Others See Jesus in You?
Christians are called to be like Jesus. Marvin Moore tells a story that helps us to understand how important that calling is.
Bible Discovery: A Sanctuary for Sinners

Living With Children: Children and Obesity

Your Bible Questions
What would have happened if Adam and Eve had eaten of the tree of life before they sinned?