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Theistic Evolution: Does It Work?

Did God use evolution as His way of creating life on earth?

July 2018

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Do Baptized Christians Stop Sinning?
A good question with a good answer
Your Body: a Temple or a Tomb?
Physical and spiritual health are linked.
What’s Your Picture of God?
It matters more than you may think.
Living With Children: Mean Parents


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Beholding Beauty
It can be one of the most inspiring moments of your life.
The Devil Is Planning Your Lonely Future
He wants to keep you isolated and selfish.
Dementia: It’s No Laughing Matter
Is there a way to reduce the risk?
Feeding the Homeless—or the Ego?
God sees deep within our hearts and reads our motives.
Saved by the Banner of Christ
Christ’s death on the cross is God flying His colors of saving grace.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
A story of failure and the lessons it taught
The gift of tomorrow
Religion in the News

Food Matters
When should I eat?
Inside Your Brain
Sex and your brain
Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions