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Marriage: Better Than Ever

Marriage is a hot topic these days. Ed Dickerson looks at the trends of the past few years and compares them with what the Bible says about marriage.

July 2012

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How Long, O Lord?
How soon is the "soon return" of Jesus?
God Is a Family
Many people dispute the doctrine of the Trinity because it seems mathematically impossible.
Hell and the Lake of Fire
A Signs reader asked if hell and the lake of fire are the same thing.
Living With Children: Talkative Daughter


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An Olympic Effort
What does it take to be Olympic champions and how might their strategies benefit us all?
Sometimes, God's voice is barely audible, but it's still there.
Carrying the Pain
Losing an unborn child can be a lonely and painful thing.
Chasing Utopia
Seth Pierce traces our human search for perfection and draws some conclusions about what this bodes for the future of our race.
God Has a Plan
Do you ever feel disturbed about the evil in the world and the suffering it causes? God has a plan for a better life than the one we now know.
In the Darkness of Night
It may be a forgotten tool of the modern world, but the shortwave radio still has an ability to change lives.
Looking to Repay Honesty
Tim Woodward told this story several years ago in a column he writes for the Idaho Statesman in Boise, Idaho. We thought you'd enjoy reading it.
Running in Red
Unlike Greece, when you're swimming in debt, don't expect a bailout. Here are several suggestions for staying afloat in such times.
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst
Jesus' beatitude is taken a step beyond what most of us think about. An answer is sought from God for an overeating problem.
Food Matters: Are Supplements Risky?

Bible Discovery: The End of the War

Your Bible Questions
When the Holy City comes down from God out of heaven, will heaven still be in a different place from the new earth?