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The God of Hell

Some people say that God is in charge of hell, others that the devil is in charge. But what does the Bible say?

July 2011

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When It Will Be Forever Too Late
Will human beings be able to accept Jesus throughout eternity? Why will the opportunity end someday?
Unconfusing the Confusing
Christians talk about three Gods when Christianity claims to worship one God. Why?
Making Sense of the Millennium
The Bible speaks of a 1,000-year period that Christians call "the millennium." What does Revleation say about this period?
Livng With Children: Dealing With Undisciplined Grandchildren


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Were you your parents' favorite child growing up? Nyree Tomkins believes she was, but her reasoning may surprise you.
Our Deepest Fear
Fear is a gift, but it can also be a curse.
Don't Shake It Out
Judith Nembhard points out the health consequences of our love affair with salt.
Shown the Grace of God
HIV-positive orphans often don't live to their tenth birthday. This is a story about 90 such orphans in Irkutsk, Russia.
Jesus as Warrior
While it's true Jesus loved us so much He died for us. Jesus also fights battles. Why?
What Should You Do With Guilt?
Are you struggling with the sense that you've done something wrong but can't quite find forgiveness?
The Church in the Attic
Here's the story of a museum in Amsterdam that illustrates the tension that existed between Catholics and Protestants during the Reformation era.
The One Sentence Sermon
If you were asked to boil down Christian beliefs into one sentence, what would you say?
Food Matters: Soy and Breast Cancer

Your Bible Questions
Where did the Bible's use of the word "Lord" come from, and why does it say "Lord God" and "Lord Jesus"?
Bible Discovery: Trinity