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From Food Junkie to Health Nut

How I lost weight and found a lifestyle that worked

June 2018

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Where Evil Began
God didn’t create humans to be evil, so why did He give us the option?
Who Made God?
Philosophers and theologians have debated this question for millennia.
Death Isn’t the End!
Beyond death, there’s a reason to rejoice.
Food Matters: The Importance of Home Cooking


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Never Give Up!
Persistence pays off, even in the most discouraging of circumstances.
The Healing Power of Green Time
To lift your mood, open your front door and step outside!
The Mother-Daughter Bond
The mother and daughter relationship is unique and worth investing in.
False Messiahs—How Not to Be Deceived
Satan will claim to be the Messiah.
Why I’m a Creationist
Why the Bible’s story of origins still makes sense
Blood in, Blood Out
How a gang member became a God member
The Sox
Don’t neglect life’s small things.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Exercising Proper Discipline

Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions